7th Edition
August 29 & 30, 2018
Miami Airport Convention Center

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Daniel A. Huard

Keynote Speaker: Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow, PMP, LFA, Global Water Authority, Internationally Recognized Speaker

Daniel has long been a sought‐after Green Building, Sustainability and Resiliency expert and International Speaker. Daniel earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning as well as holds a dozen professional designations beyond his professional degrees. Daniel is one of 258 LEED Fellows on the planet a very rare distinction attesting to his more than 20 years of experience making positive impacts on the built environment and within organizations that strive for excellence evidenced by Daniel's continuous contributions to the development and authoring of LEED Rating Systems since 2011 currently working on LEED version 4.1 and version 5. Daniel’s professional expertise has contributed to numerous domestic and international High‐Performance Building, Sustainable, Restorative and Resiliency focused Development projects as well as international events including Greenbuild, WaterBuild, Living Future unConference, WaterSmart Innovations, Advanced Energy Conference, Energy Management Congress, CAPAC and Global Gaming Expo to name a few. For added emphasis to our audience Daniel has been a Project Executive for Major Water Utilities in the US Southwest since 2007 and continues his work as a Subject Matter Expert with Utilities, the US Bureau of Reclamation, US Department of the Interior, US Air Force, Nevada Army National Guard and the Canadian Government.


As we start to see the availability of fresh and potable drinking water cease to meet global demand we start to realize the necessity of Water for Life! With our antiquated and often overwhelmed water and wastewater infrastructure(s) becoming an increasing source of concern for building, portfolio managers and governments in need of consistent and reliable water infrastructure what can we do.  When we couple this fact with the threat of climate change and more frequent damage as a result of super storms and other climatic events the consideration for resiliency rises in prominence. Further to these concerns are the additional pressures raised by seasonal dependencies and demand related to energy needs all pointing to decentralized solutions to Buildings’ resiliency and efficiency by adopting resiliency technologies including Net-Zero Water Systems and Strategies.

  1. Understand the components of common water infrastructure some of their weaknesses.

  2. Understand the Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and Potable Water Delivery Rate Structures and Impacts.

  3. Understand the differences between Centralized and De-Centralized Water Systems including Net-Zero Water Systems and Strategies.

  4. Understand Resiliency as it relates to a building's ability to operate following catastrophic events.

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