The Water Expo 2017

By alphabetical (as of Aug. 21, 2017)

Sessions in English

Avina, Henry

Avina, HenryVP of Sales & Business Development, Axeon Water Technologies (CA)
Mr. Avina joined Axeon Water Technologies (formerly R.O. UltraTec USA, Inc) in 1999 and had the opportunity to work with Augustin Pavel Sr. Rapidly, Mr. Avina established himself as an asset to the company when he became General Manager in 2003. He assisted in the advancement of product development, sales and marketing, as well as technical support. In 2010, Mr. Avina was promoted to VP of Sales Manager where he successfully implemented an in-house customer and technical support center, as well as an account management team. Most recently, in 2014 he was promoted to the position of Vice President of Business Development. Already he has made considerable contributions to establishing strategic partnerships within the industry and building Axeon’s customer base.

"Membrane Troubleshooting: 5 primary causes for membrane fouling in RO Systems"
Nearly every RO system experiences performance problems sometime during its operating life. Axeon Water Technologies will provide a seminar focused on 5 primary causes for membrane fouling. We will cover symptoms, identification of problem and possible solutions.

Mark Barnett

Barnett, Mark – President, National Water Commission (Jamaica)
Mr. Mark Barnett is a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.). He was appointed President of the National Water Commission in August 2015, Jamaica’s primarily potable water & wastewater service provider which impacts over two million residents. He holds an MSc. degree in Waste and Water Engineering from the Loughborough University in the UK: a BSc (Hons.) Degree in Chemical & Process Engineering from the University of the West Indies and a Diploma in Chemical Technology from the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) among his educational qualifications. He has extensive experience, managing both technical and commercial operations for waste water services at the NWC. Mr. Barnett has served the NWC in various capacities for the last 18 years, the most recent being that of Vice President of Wastewater Operations and Vice President of Technical Services.

Panel: “Introduction/Application of Smart ICT Based Technology in the National Water Commission of Jamaica”
ICT will be one of the major driving forces to attain improved operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and improve staff capacity which are integral to the achievement of the NWC’s key Strategic Corporate Objectives. The NWC is aware that the application of modern ICT based technologies will fundamentally impact its overall operational performance. NWC intends to use innovative means to modernize its ICT infrastructure to rapidly transform the way it does business via the use of modern ICT. Steps to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System aimed at integrating the major areas of NWC’s operations are being undertaken. Other ICT based technologies include the implementation of smart meters, ICT based supervisory control and data acquisition, a computer system for gathering, analyzing real time data for the monitoring & control of water facilities.

Dirisu, Chimezie

Dirisu, Chimezie – Principal Lecturer & HOD, Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku (Nigeria)
Chimezie Dirisu is a principal lecturer and HOD of Biology Education working in the Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku in Nigeria. She holds an MSC in Industrial Microbiology and is currently a PhD student. Her research interests are water microbiology, food quality, biology education, ICT, among others. Chimezie has had several articles published in reputable journals, presented papers at conferences as well as seminars and several workshops. In addition, she has edited book chapters and journals among them is “Food Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal” (hosted by Common Ground Publishers, USA). She is a member of the Nigerian Society for Microbiology, Nigeria Environmental Society, and the Microbiology Society.

“An African Perspective: Bacteriological and Physicochemical Quality of Drinking Water Purified by Reverse Osmosis and Ultra-Violet Radiation”
Community drinking water from boreholes and Orashi River in Nigeria were analyzed for their portability and then subjected to purification using reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration units and ultra-violet radiation (UV) germicidal lamp respectively. Values of some physicochemical parameters of purified water were below stipulated standards, with no significant difference in water portability. The RO system significantly reduced coliform bacteria more than the UV lamp (F=310.0, p<0.05). RO systems and UV lamps purify/treat water to great extent. However, their uses are limited by cost, power, environmental and health concerns. RO machines generate wastewater and exclude most nutritional ions while exposure to UV affects human health. 

Gaudreau, Tom

Fransen, Lindsey - Associate Director of Customer Scaling, Watersmart Software (CA)
Lindsey is responsible for working with individual utility partners to ensure that the implementation process and ongoing program are seamless and successful. Lindsey's experience in the water sector began in graduate school, where she studied international water policy. Lindsey holds a BA in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University and an MS from the Energy & Resources Group at UC Berkeley.

“New Automated Leak Detection and Resolution Solutions”

Advances in smart water meter technology are bringing a revolution in data collection capabilities along with new ways to dynamically detect leaks and gain other critical insights into customer water consumption patterns. Utilities are now able to remotely monitor water use and identify both burst and continuous leaks. This new understanding provides suppliers with powerful new tools to better understand and target wasteful usage and provide customers with the resources to address it. We can provide insight into how direct communications improve operational efficiency, reduce water losses, improve customer-utility interaction, and reduce utility spending on abatement. We’ll share best practices on which types of messages resonate with residents so that leaks are quickly resolved on a self-service basis. 

Mark Hallett

Hallett, Mark R. - CSO, Vice President, SAERTEX multiCom LP (NC)
Mr. Hallett has 35 years in the underground construction industry utilizing trenchless technologies such as, Cement Mortar lining, Pipe Bursting, CIPP, Fold and Form PVC, Directional Drilling & UV Cure GRP liners. Mark has sat on the Board of Directors for NASSCO and NASTT and is a past chairman of the IPBA, International Pipe Bursting Association.

“Rehabilitation of Potable Water and Pressure Pipes using High Strength, UV Cure Glass Fiber Liners”

UV cure liners using glass fiber reinforcement are 3-5 times stronger than conventional methods and half the thickness. This environmentally safe, high strength liner can be pre-inspected before curing and uses no hot water or steam to cure the liner. This technology is being used in gravity, pressure and potable water piping systems around the world.

Missy Hayes

Hayes, Missy – Director of Sales & Marketing, (OH)
Missy has over 18 years of business development, strategic partnership, sales and marketing experience within the water, wastewater and petrochemicals industries, including a complete launch of Sorbster media products and the addition of distribution opportunities as Vice President of Business Development for MAR Systems, a metals-removal media company.  Missy is a founding member of the Cleveland Water Alliance, a member of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), and is considered a water-industry expert on trace contaminants as well as economic development and ecological impacts.

Special Session: “Projects at hand and funding opportunities for the water industries in the USA: a zoom-in on the sewer & liquid waste fields”

Jake Jeffords

Jeffords, Jake – Regional Sales Manager, McLaughlin (SC)
Currently a Regional Sales Manager and Marketing Manager for McLaughlin responsible for developing and executing sales and marketing strategies as well as advancing the capture, revenue and profitability of company products. A veteran of 14 years in the construction industry including Dealership Territory Management, Construction Project Management & Manufacturer Product Management.

"Installing Water Utilities Underground Using Up-To-Date Trenchless Technologies"

During this presentation we will speak about the different avenues of installing utilities underground by trenchless technology. We will cover pneumatic boring, horizontal directional drilling, auger boring along with safe digging practice using utility locators and vacuum.

Luis Leon

Leon, Luis – President, NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) (CA)
Mr. Leon has over 32 years of US and international engineering and management experience in the areas of master planning, feasibility studies, asset management, design (plans, specifications and estimates), permitting, and construction management of public and private infrastructure projects. These projects have included wastewater collection systems, water distribution facilities, storm drainage, transportation systems, and land development. Mr. Leon has also managed projects for the assessment, rehabilitation, expansion, and reconstruction of numerous utility systems for diverse and complex commercial, residential, and governmental projects. He has particular expertise in pipeline design and rehabilitation using innovative applications of trenchless technologies, as well as in National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit compliance.

Open Forum: “Certifying CCTV Operators/ Engineers and CIPP installers/ Inspector in Latin America by NASSCO*… A move towards establishing Industry Standards for ALL the Americas in the Assessment, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Water Underground Infrastructure: Feasibility & Impact on the Market for New Technologies, Equipment, and Services”
The presentation discusses the importance of certifying inspectors and engineers in Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) and Inspector Training Certification Program (ITCP) for Installation of Cured-in-Place Pipe and introducing these standards in Latin America.

Dave Madole

Madole, Dave – National Sales Manager, Sewer Equipment of America (IL)
Dave Madole as a National Sales Manager of Sewer Equipment has over 15 years of sales experience, and has been a top revenue generator and new business leader on every sales team of which he has been a member. He started with Sewer Equipment as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager and has since been promoted to National Sales Manager, due to his demonstrated success in sales, mechanical aptitude to aid in the continuous improvement of Sewer Equipment’s products. Dave resides in the Midwestern United States with his wife and three young daughters.

"Entering Into a New Era in Combination Sewer Cleaning Technology"
The model 900 ECO by Sewer Equipment Co. of America has been engineered to resolve many safety and operational issues of today’s traditional Combination Sewer Cleaners. The model 900 ECO eliminates the need for CAN Bus communication systems, auxiliary engines and transfer cases, and no required training for operators on start-up procedures. The truck is designed with an emphasis with an emphasis on eco-friendly features, which decreases noise emissions and overall fuel consumption. Learn more about how this technology can increase your productivity and aid in solving issues with your current equipment.

Dave Madole

Meyer, Doug – Senior Vice President, Bank Leumi (FL)
Doug is a seasoned professional in the banking industry since 2002 and has worked in the areas of the Small/Mid-cap, Middle Market, and Large Corporate. Doug has held several management positions on the credit/risk side and worked on the business development side at Santander Bank. Doug joined bank Leumi in August 2015 and was recently promoted in September 2016 to Senior Vice President and Head of Leumi Water. He continues his focus on maintaining and expanding existing relationships and generating new opportunities within the water space. He is an active member in raising awareness in the not-for-profit arena for organizations such as The Water Collective (Chairman), Bubble Foundation, and STEM from Dance on which he serves in various board functions.

CASH FLOW... "Water Industries: Improving Cash Flow through Bank Financing"


Munera, Carlos A. - Regional Mgr for Latin America and Caribbean, Envirosight LLC (USA); International Operations Mgr., Pacific Group (Colombia)

  • MBA Loyola University Chicago, USA
  • Master in Infrastructure Business, EOI, Madrid Spain.
  • Co- Director of Latin America Committee NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies in the United States and Canada)
  • Board of Directors Member CISTT (Colombian Institute for Trenchless Technologies)
  • More than 15 Years of Experience in introducing trenchless technologies for maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation in the Central, Caribean and South American Regions.
  • More than 10 years of experience in water and waste water industry technology/strategy consulting.
  • More than 10 years of Experience in the direction of projects for Pipeline condition Assessment in the water and waste water industry.

Panelist on "Regulations to provide Good Public Services with a Failing Infrastructure: How far can it go?
Introduction into the new, innovative, highly mobile and solar powered RBC systems, and their use in recycling the domestic effluent produced by hotels, labor camps, and residential areas.

Mete Ozsoy

Ozsoy, Mete – Deputy CEO, Miranda Inc. (Turkey)
Mete obtained a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University in Logan, Utah. He served as the Managing Director of U.S based multi-national high tech company Intergraph Corporation in Turkey for 9 years. Intergraph at that time was the manufacturer of engineering design software and workshops with a revenue of 1.5 billion USD and worldwide employment of 10,000 people. Mete began his career in Burgess Manning Inc in Dallas, Texas as an Application and Sales Engineer for Industrial Acoustics and Separators. He moved on to Solar Kinetics Inc where he contributed as a Mechanical Engineer to several US Government research projects. Later, he joined Intergraph Corporation in Dallas, where he served as Sales Engineer and was promoted to Marketing Manager for five states in the US and then to Country Manager and Managing Director in Turkey.

Sustainable Waste Water Treatment Systems for Residential Areas, Hotels & Labor Camps"
Introduction into the new, innovative, highly mobile and solar powered RBC systems, and their use in recycling the domestic effluent produced by hotels, labor camps, and residential areas.

Martin Paredes

Paredes, Martin – Regional Sales Manager, Smith & Loveless Inc. (KS)
Paredes has been with Smith & Loveless Inc. for more than 23 years. He is currently the Regional Sales Manager, International Division, for Latin America and the Caribbean. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas, and holds memberships in the American Institute of Chemical Engineering and the Mid America District Export Council. Together with personal everyday exposure to projects and installations all over the world, he helps offer all-inclusive, value-engineered solutions for projects of all ranges: Private, municipal, industrial or upgrades to existing plants in need of better performance.

“Utilities & Contractors: How Much Does Your Sewage Pump Station Really Cost You?”

Asset management is critical in maintaining and evaluating equipment crucial to the successful operation of a utility. A key aspect is the collection of complete, meaningful data for each piece of equipment and the ability to easily evaluate the data. This representation will review one utility’s implemented system to collect data from their wastewater pump stations. For each station, the logged labor hours, material costs, and outside contractor costs. From this data, they established a predictive maintenance schedule, budget for station repair and/or replacement based n return on investment, establish a benchmark for the cost of maintaining a typical station, compare the cost to operate and maintain different types of stations etc.

Chris Parker

Parker, Chris – Regional Sales Manager, Cues, Inc. (FL)
Chris Parker is an industry leading expert on digital side-scanning technology for pipeline inspections and has been around the technology since its inception. Chris has authored several case studies and white papers citing the quality and production gains of side-scanning over traditional inspection methods all while lowering operating costs.

“Digital Side-Scanning Technology: The Ultimate Pipeline Inspection Technology”

Digital side-scanning is an innovative approach for rapid data collection, inspection, and assessment of collection systems offering the ability to increase production while minimizing operating expenses. This presentation will provide a basic overview of the technology, how and where it applies, and how it can help overcome America’s Failing Infrastructure.

Bill Petrole

Petrole, William - VP Vacall Product Group, Gradall Inds. (OH)
Mr. Petrole is the VP Vacall Product Group for Gradall Industries, Inc. The Vacall Product Group consists of a complete line of Combination Sewer Trucks, Hydro Excavators, Industrial Vacuum Trucks, Street Sweepers and Catch Basin Cleaners.

“Sewer Cleaning: New Technology for Municipalities to Increase Productivity & Save Tons of Water”
This is a feature and benefits presentation on the Vacall AllJetVac Recycler that utilizes the existing water in the sewer system. The Recycler enables the Municipality to save millions of gallons of fresh water on an annual basis while increasing sewer cleaning productivity by 100%.

Russell Reeves

Reeves, Russell - Director of Market Development & International Sales, Pipeline Plastics, LLC (TX)
Mr. Reeves graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and has since been involved in industrial, mining and municipal construction projects throughout the United States and internationally. Starting his career with the Bechtel Group over 30 years ago, he has worked on site as well as in planning, logistics, and distribution and as a manufacturer of seismic isolation products, thermoplastic fittings, and piping products. His involvement in piping projects stretch from Canada to South America with projects in Panama, Costa Rica, Suriname, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

“HDPE Pipe for Municipal Water – Benefits and Design Basics”
The European Water Community has long recognized the invaluable characteristics of High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) in their water systems. From the zero-leak rate design of the joining system to the durability and design characteristics that allow direct bury, slip-lining, pipe bursting and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) – the adoption and acknowledgment of HDPE pipe as the material of choice for water systems is growing. Throughout the Americas, HDPE pipe is becoming the material of choice in the water market with some cities adopting it exclusively for dependable, worry-free water service. Water is too valuable to allow leakage – HDPE pipe is the answer.

Tim Ross

Ross, Tim – Factory Representative, Vac-Tron Equipment (FL)
Tim Ross has been in the manufacturing industry for 20 years, and in the Underground Industry for the past 17 of those years working with Vac-Tron Equipment. He has been supporting Vac-Tron in many roles utilizing his diverse background in computers and manufacturing. For the past 8 years he has been in the field supporting the Dealer network in 15 states located in the Midwest and Southeast regions. His goal is to educate as many as he can about utility locating via vacuum excavation in an effort that it will save lives.

“Go Beyond the One Call…Before Digging”
The goal of this presentation is to help promote the OneCall (811) system and to provide information about the reasons why we must “Go Beyond the OneCall”. Tim will explain why we need to be using Vacuum Excavation to verify the OneCall Flags before we dig.

Andy Rothenberg

Rothenberg, Andy – President, PrimeLine Products Inc. (FL)
Andy is the president of PrimeLine Products Inc., a full services supplier of products and equipment related to the trenchless pipe repair industry. He has over ten years of “real world” experience in the trenchless industry and has lined thousands of feet of pipe. Andy is heavily involved with NASSCO and serves as Chairperson for the Rehabzone that is put on at UCT every year. He spends most of his time in the field helping his customer succeed, providing FREE training on all of his product lines. Including Pipe Coating, CIPP, Sectional Lining, Chemical Grouting and Manhole Rehab.

"Demo: Renovating Water, Drain & Sewer Pipes thru a Simple, Fast and Practical Coating System"

A simple, fast and practical coating system used for water, drain, and sewer pipe renovation. Coat un-lined or lined pipes/connections from 1 ¼” to 6” with Picote Coating Pump and Mini Miller Combination. It can be used to coat anything from a small area to an entire piping system. It’s a unique world class vegetable oil-based resin with strong bonding properties for cast iron, clay, PVC, or concrete pipes.

Fred Schilling

Schilling Jr, Frederick – Commissioner of Florida Building Commission, Chairman of the Plumbing Tech Advisory Committee State of Florida & Vice Chairman of Plumbers Without Borders (FL)
As Vice Chair of Plumbers Without Borders, Frederick has been directly involved with providing water and sanitation to developing countries all around the world. Recently was a guest speaker at the World Plumbing Council in Cape Town (South Africa). The Gates Foundation calls PWB the Boots on the Ground. They brought SATO toilet pan to Haiti and provided 8,000 to Haiti, Central and South America. Here in Florida, he is the Commissioner with the Florida Building Commission which is a legislative office requiring Senate confirmation and approval by the House Ethics Committee. Frederick is also a Chairman of the Plumbing Technical Advisory Committee of the State of Florida where he reports to the Governor and the Senate on all Plumbing issues within Florida. He is also in charge of the State Building Code.

Panel MODERATOR: “Regulations to provide Good Public Services with a Failing Infrastructure in ALL of the Americas: How far can it go?”

Ryan Schwake

Schwake, Ryan - President, HIPPO Coatings Company (FL)
Ryan brings 14 years of experience to the water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation market. Ryan graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth with a business degree and shortly after relocated to Florida to enter into the water and sewer industry. Ryan co-founded a company focusing on new product and construction methods for rehabilitating and coating of water and wastewater infrastructure. This included concrete restoration and specialty coatings. He then brought his knowledge to a publicly held company based in the US in the efforts to expand their water and wastewater division. Ryan holds a Certified General Contractors license in the State of Florida where he has actively consulted and provided construction solutions for municipalities throughout the Southeast of the US and Caribbean.

"Reducing and (Ultimately) Eliminating Infiltration & Exfiltration in Water & Wastewater Systems/Infrastructure"

Creating a water tight environment by reducing and ultimately eliminating infiltration and exfiltration is becoming crucial to enhance the efficiencies of a water or wastewater system. HIPPO Coatings has identified common problems all utilities face when managing these issues. We will present products and equipment that make the solution achievable and at the same time cost effective.

Jim Stieber

Stieber, Jim – Sales Professional/Supervisor & Project Manager, Imperial Industries Inc (WI)
Jim Stieber is a sales professional, supervisor & project manager at Imperial Industries Ins where he’s responsible for all aspects of sales for Commercial Waste & Portable Restroom Service Trucks sold at Imperial Industries. Jim has been with the company for 31 years and had attended 100’s of shows representing the industry. He lives with his wife, Lori, in Weston, WI and enjoys his free time biking, fishing at the Brule and spending time with his family.

Session: "New Developments and Solutions on Commercial Liquid Waste Trucks"

- What tank fits on what truck (gallons vs. GVWR)
- What tank material is best for me & accessories
- Vacuum pumps, air, fan or liquid cooled & blowers
- Vacuum relief valve-what are they for
- Trends in the business

Lynn Wager

Wager, Lynn – Co-Owner, Wager (NC)
Lynn Wager is the 3rd Generation co-owner of the Robert H. Wager Company Inc. It was founded 83 years ago by Robert Wager Sr. and manufactures marine valves and deck equipment for cargo carrying vessels as well as for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. Wager also manufactures odor control vent valves that are designed to scrub H2S gas, as well as Inflow/Overflow vent check valves that prevent flood waters and debris from entering into outfall lines in wastewater systems.

"Odor Control for H2S Gas during the Collection and Treatment of Wastewater"

H2S gas results from septic conditions during the collection and treatment of wastewater. Wager’s presentation will offer a variety of odor controlling valves complete with installation pictures of various applications. We will also discuss the benefits of an engineered media, and how it differs from other carbon products in the marketplace. We will stress the benefits of venting force mains, gravity lines and air release valves with odor control.

John Whitescarver

Whitescarver, John – Director, National Storm Water Center (MD)
John was a charter employee of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. He received the EPA bronze medal for his serving on the team that developed the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). As the Director of the National Stormwater Center, his team has certified 4,000 inspectors and published 145 issues of The Stormwater Quarterly.  John advised EPA on stormwater and permit compliance. He is board certified as Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice and holds a degree in civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute and a Master in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP: "STORMWATER: The Problem & The Solution"
The Stormwater Runoff PROBLEM
Now is the time for Storm water Management (flooding and water quality) be a major function of The Water Expo. We know how to manage waste water; we don’t know how to manage storm water. Runoff from rain is not a steady flow, it is variable in frequency, quantity and intensity. We will discuss regulations, control, and treatment with respect to improving water quality. The United States government has regulated storm water for 25 years. There are 42,000 impaired water bodies primarily due primarily to contaminated runoff. We have learned, and will discuss, that controlling storm water requires political, budget and popular support

The Stormwater Runoff SOLUTION
Control of storm water begins where drainage begins. Removing or preventing pollutants from entering the drainage system is the most cost effective solution. It is the velocity of runoff that detaches dirt and trash. Velocity transports storm water and reduced velocity allows pollutants to settle out. We can control velocity by controlling the volume of storm water, through rainfall capture and controlled releases. This will provide less erosion, fewer pollutants and allow better control and treatment before discharge to receiving waters. In addition, drainage system maintenance cost is a function of the failure to control pollutants at their source

Sesiones en Español

Keila Araujo

Araujo, Keila – Ingeniera Mecánica, Ace Pump and Supply (FL)
Keila Araujo es ingeniera mecánica con más de 15 años de experiencia. Ella es graduada de la Universidad de Zulia-Venezuela, y obtuvo experiencia en la industria petroléra en sus primeros años. En los últimos 10 años se ha desarrollado en Miami-USA con la empresa Ace Pump and Supply en el área de sistemas de distribución de agua en el área residencial y commercial, irrigación y sistemas contra incendio, incluyendo la optimización de estos sistema de distribución de agua.

“Estaciones de Bombeo Inteligentes para Edificios Comerciales y Residenciales”
Las estaciones de bombeo han evolucionado con el tiempo. Hoy en día hablamos de estaciones de bombeo inteligente, gracias a la incorporación de nuevos elementos clave innovadores de última tecnología en el diseño de estas estaciones. En estos elementos innovadores destacan mejoras en el control y los variadores de frecuencia (VFD).

Gianna Castro

Castro, Gianna - Consultor Ambiental e Higienista Industrial, C+G Environmental Group (Puerto Rico)
Gianna es Químico Licenciado en Puerto Rico y posee una Maestría en Ingeniería en Asuntos Ambientales de la Universidad de Massachusetts-Lowell. Lleva 20 años trabajando por cuenta propia como Consultor Ambiental e Higienista Industrial en proyectos que van desde Planes de Prevención de Contaminación de Aguas de Escorrentía o por Aceite, Permisos y Estudios de Tratabilidad, hasta Investigaciones de Exposición Ocupacional, Determinaciones de Calidad de Aire Interior y Programas de Protección Respiratoria para clientes en toda la isla, entre otros. Anteriormente se desempeñó como consultor ambiental y fue instrumental en el desarrollo del Programa de Calidad de Laboratorios de la Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados de PR. También dirige la división ambiental de Gautier y De Torres Arquitectos e Ingenieros en San Juan.

El PROBLEMA de la Descarga de Aguas de Tormenta (Escorrentía)

Este es el momento para que el Manejo de Aguas de Escorrentía (calidad de agua e inundaciones) forme parte integral en la Water Expo. Conocemos cómo manejar aguas usadas, no sabemos cómo manejar aguas de escorrentía. Descargas de agua de lluvia no son un flujo constante, varían conrespecto a frecuencia, cantidad e intensidad. Discutiremos reglamentación, control y tratamiento en vías de mejorar la calidad del agua. El gobierno de los EEUU ha reglamentado la escorrentía desde hace 25 años. Hay 40,000 cuerpos de agua afectados principalmente debido a la escorrentía contaminada. Hemos aprendido, y discutiremos, que controlar las aguas de escorrentía requiere apoyo político, económico y popular.

La SOLUCIÓN a la Descarga de Aguas de Tormenta (Escorrentía)
El control de la escorrentía comienza en el origen de la descarga. La solución más costo-efectiva es removiendo y evitando que contaminantes lleguen al sistema de drenaje. Es la velocidad de la descarga la que arrastra el sucio y la basura. La velocidad transporta la escorrentía y la reducción de la misma permite que los contaminantes se asienten. Podemos controlar la velocidad controlando el volumen de descarga mediante captura y descarga controlada del agua de lluvia. Esto logra menor erosión, menos contaminantes y mejor control y tratamiento de la escorrentía antes de descargarla en el cuerpo receptor. Además, el costo de mantenimiento del sistema de drenaje incrementa si fallamos en el control de contaminantes en la fuente.

Eli Diaz

Díaz Atienza, Elí – Ingeniero/Presidente Ejecutivo, Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (Puerto Rico)
El Ingeniero Elí Díaz comienza su carrera profesional, en 1999, en la industria de la construcción, incluyendo la inspección de los trabajos de interconexión de la Región Arecibo al Superacueducto, donde estuvo varios años.  Díaz Atienza comenzó su labor en el sector gubernamental en el 2009 como asesor de infraestructura en Fortaleza, y a su vez, director legal en la Autoridad para las Alianzas Público-Privadas. Finalizó su destacado servicio público como Director Ejecutivo de la Autoridad de Desperdicios Sólidos desde el 2010 hasta el 2012. El 1ro de febrero de 2017, el Gobernador de Puerto Rico, Honorable Ricardo Rosselló Nevárez designó al licenciado e ingeniero Elí Díaz Atienza como Presidente Ejecutivo de la Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillado.

"Regulaciones para Ofrecer un Buen Servicio Público con una Infraestructura en Declive en TODAS las Américas: ¿Hasta Dónde es Realmente Posible?"

Roberto Fausto

Fausto, Roberto – Gerente de Ventas Regionales, Sewer Equipment of America (IL)
Roberto Fausto es el Gerente de Ventas en Illinois para Sewer Equipment de América. Roberto cuenta con más de 14 años de experiencia  en el sector de alcantarillado y ha vendido, mantenido y operado equipos por todo los Estados Unidos y Canadá.

"Una Nueva Era en la Tecnología Integral para Limpieza de Alcantarillados"
El modelo 900 ECO de la compañía Sewer Equipment de América ha sido diseñado para resolver muchos de los problemas del funcionamiento y seguridad de los limpiadores de cloacas tradicionales de hoy en día. El modelo 900 ECO eliminará la necesidad de sistemas de comunicación con la computadora, motores auxiliares, cajas de transferencias y no requiere entrenamiento para los conductores sobre como prender la máquina. El modelo está diseñado con el énfasis y las características necesarias para no hacer daño al medio ambiente, como reducir el ruido, las emisiones y el consumo total de gas combustible. Aprende más sobre cómo ésta tecnología puede aumentar la productividad y ayudar a resolver los problemas con su equipo actual.

Ken Gyori

Gyori, Ken – Socio Director, DG Environmental Solutions, LLC (GA)
Ken Gyori es el Socio Gerente de DG Environmental Solutions, LLC, con la misión de proveer soluciones descentralizadas de tratamiento de aguas residuales en los Estados Unidos, Centro y Sudamérica. Antes de esto, se distinguió en una carrera de 25 años en administración de programas de TI y ventas globales en las áreas de Sistemas de Información Geográfica y redes de datos para las compañías Forbes Global 1000: NTT, Reliance Communications e Intergraph Corporation. Ken vive en Atlanta y tiene una Maestría en Geografía de la Universidad de Texas en Austin.

Sistemas Sostenibles de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales - Caso De Estudio: Teknopark Istanbul
Introducción a las tecnologías nuevas en el tratamiento de aguas residuales usando sistemas RBC (Contactores Biológicos Rotativos).  Caso de estudio Teknopark Istanbul, donde el agua tratada es reciclada para irrigación y fuentes.

Jake Jeffords

Jeffords, Jake – Gerente Regional de Ventas, McLaughlin (SC)
Actualmente es Gerente Regional de Ventas y Gerente de Marketing de McLaughlin responsable de desarrollar y ejecutar estrategias de ventas y de mercadeo, así como avanzar en la captura, ingresos y lucratividad de los productos de la empresa. Un veterano de 14 años en la industria de la construcción, incluyendo la Administración de Territorio del Concesionario, la Gerencia de Proyectos de Construcción y la Gerencia de Producto del Fabricante.

"Últimas Tecnologías sin Zanjas para Alcantarillados: Soluciones a Mano para Todas Las Américas"
Durante esta presentación hablaremos de las diferentes vías de instalación de servicios públicos subterráneos por tecnología sin zanjas. Cubriremos el taladro neumático, la perforación direccional horizontal, el taladro de la barrena junto con la práctica segura de la excavación usando localizadores de redes de servicios públicos subterráneos y excavación al vacío

Jose Lopez

Lopez Hoyos, Jose Julián – Gerente de Ventas Internacionales, Helios Technology SAS (Colombia)
Jose Julián es Ingeniero Electrónico, bilingüe, con Magister en Administración de Negocios (MBA) de la Universidad Externado de Colombia, con una amplia experiencia en ventas y soporte de productos especializados para mercados latinoamericanos en los sectores de telecomunicaciones, seguridad y energía. Posee conocimientos en logística internacional, marketing y negociación con clientes y proveedores internacionales.

“Agua Prepago: Solución y Oportunidad de Negocio para la Gestión Eficiente del Agua en América Latina”
Principales retos, condiciones y beneficios en la implementación de soluciones de medida inteligente off-line para optimizar la gestión, uso y tarificación de los sistemas de agua potable, en mercados latinoamericanos.

Mauricio Lopez

López, Mauricio – VP Técnico de la Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Servicios Públicos y Comunicaciones, ANDESCO (Colombia)
Ingeniero Civil, Universidad Javeriana; Magister en Centrales Hidroeléctricas, Universidad Javeriana; Especialista en Manejo de Problemas Ambientales a Nivel Regional, Alemania.

Ha sido Gerente Nacional de la Asociación Colombiana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental; Gerente de los Acueductos del Zulia (Venezuela) para la Triple A de Barranquilla; Director de Suscriptores de la Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá. Actualmente es el Director Ejecutivo de la Red Colombiana del Pacto Global de las Naciones Unidas en Colombia. Consultor de la Corporación para la Investigación Socioeconómica y Tecnológica de Colombia (CINSET). Profesor universitario con más de 30 años de experiencia y autor de libros y manuales ambientales para la PYME (Pequeña y Mediana Empresa).

PANEL:Panorámica de los Sistemas de Acueductos y Alcantarillados en Colombia.”


Rivera, Jose - Latin American Rep, Vermeer Central America, Inc. (FL)
José Rivera lleva 22 años en la Industria de Frabricación y Distribución para Mercados Internacionales principalmente en América Latina. Ha trabajado en las industrias de equipos de instalación de telecomunicaciones, agua y alcantarillado y servicios públicos y durante los últimos 12 años como representante de ventas de Vac-Tron Equipment. Ha estado vendiendo y apoyando los productos de Vac-Tron en Latinoamérica para diversas industrias convencionales y a veces aplicaciones no convencionales. Su aspiración es transferir conocimientos y tecnología comúnmente utilizados en los Estados Unidos a los países menos desarrollados para así mejorar sus condiciones de vida y el crecimiento tecnológico.

"Como Evitar Desastres al Instalar Utilidades Subterráneas"

Este sesión presentará ideas y soluciones para evitar problemas importantes y roturas colaterales, de gran impacto económico y social, cuando se procede a instalar utilidades subterráneas de manera inapropiada, sin la debida preparación y cuidados, y sin el aprovechamiento óptimo de tecnologías de vanguardia.


Romera Valverde, Alfonso – COO, Tagua S.L. (España)
Experiencia de más de 25 años en empresas internacionales del sector del cicl del agua, estando relacionado con la ejecución de proyectos en Europa, África y el Caribe para el abastecimiento de agua de consumo humano y aguas residuales.

Sesión: "HINDROP-Flúor Free: Técnica de Vanguardia para la Eliminación de Flúor en las Aguas de Consumo Humano".

HINDROP está basado en zeolitas naturales modificadas con nanotecnología para  la eliminación del flúor del agua. No usa químicos ni energía, tampoco salmuera. Funciona en cualquier tipo de agua, para cualquier concentración de flúor e independientemente de la presencia de otros elementos.

Andy Rothenberg

Rothenberg, Andy – President, PrimeLine Products Inc. (FL)
Andy es el Presidente de PrimeLine Products Inc., un proveedor de servicios completos de productos y equipos relacionados con la industria de la reparación de tuberías sin zanja. Tiene más de diez años experiencia en la industria de reparación de tuberías sin zanja. Andy está muy involucrado con NASSCO y sirve como Presidente de la Rehabzone que se pone en el UCT cada año. Pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo en el campo ayudando a sus clientes a tener éxito, proporciona capacitación gratuita en todas sus líneas de producto incluyendo revestimiento de tuberías, CIPP, reparación seccional de tuberías, lechada química y rehabilitación de tapas de registros/alcantarillado.

"Demostracion: Tecnología de Punta, Práctica y Efectiva para la Renovación de Tuberías"
Un sistema de revestimiento sencillo, rápido y práctico para la renovación de tuberías de agua, desagüe y alcantarillado. Cubra las tuberías/conexiones revestidas o no revestidas de 1 ¼ "a 6" con Picote Coating Pump y Mini Miller Combination. Se puede utilizar para cubrir desde una pequeña área hasta un sistema de tuberías completo. Es una resina única de clase mundial a base de aceite vegetal, con fuertes propiedades de adhesión para tubos de hierro fundido, arcilla, PVC o tuberías de hormigón.

Andy Rothenberg

Santos, José Luis – Ingeniero Civil y Gerente General, EMAPAG-EP (Ecuador)
José Luis Santos es Ingeniero Civil y posee una Maestría en Ingeniería Hidráulica de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Consultor Senior con más de 40 años de Experiencia en Planificación, Estudios, Diseños, Gerencia de Ejecución y Operación de Proyectos de Aprovechamiento Hidráulico con fines de Desarrollo Urbano, Agropecuario y Agroindustrial. Experiencia en varios países de América Latina en Proyectos de Inversión financiados por el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Banco Mundial y CAF. Desde 1997, ha sido Gerente General de la Empresa Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Guayaquil (EMAPAG-EP).  Ha sido panelista en el Foro Internacional de Agua y Clima en San Francisco, California en el 2015, donde trató el tema de la implementación de estrategias para la resiliencia, migración, adaptación y cambio climático en Guayaquil, Ecuador. Panelista en la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible, Habitad |||, 2016.

Panel: “Manejo Integral del Alcantarillado Pluvial en la ciudad de Guayaquil”

  • Datos Generales

  • Cuencas del Drenaje Urbano

  • Planes para el Control de Erosión, Sedimento y Dragado del Río Guayas

  • Fondo del Agua para la Conservación y Mantenimiento de la Cuenca del Río Daule

  • Planes de Estructuras de Control de Mareas

Ron Sawvel

Sawvel, Ron – Gerente Nacional de Ventas, Yardney Water Filtration Systems (CA)
Ron tiene más de treinta años de experiencia trabajando tanto en el mercado de petróleo y gas como en el tratamiento del agua. Ha sido Vicepresidente Regional y Gerente Nacional de Ventas en el sector de tratamiento de aguas industriales, así como de agua potable, aguas residuales, aguas pluviales y rehabilitación de infraestructuras. Actualmente, Ron se desempeña como Gerente de Ventas Industriales Nacionales de Yardney Water Filtration Systems, con sede en Riverside, California, pero cubre actividades en todo el mundo para su organización, con especial énfasis en América Latina, ofreciendo soluciones de filtración industrial. Ron tiene un BSBA de la Universidad de Phoenix y habla un español fluído.

"Tecnologías para la Reducción de Sólidos Suspendidos"
Una discusión sobre la selección y empleo de tecnologías de filtración adecuadas, incluyendo Sand & Gravel, Multi Media, Specialty Media, filtros de pantalla auto-limpiables, separadores centrífugos y filtros de succión de bombeo para la eliminación efectiva de sólidos suspendidos. Esta charla también considerará métodos de filtración como tratamiento primario o pre-tratamiento para trenes de filtración incluyendo intercambio de iones, filtros de membrana, filtros de bolsas, etc.

Ron Sawvel

Solís, Jesus - Ingeniero y CEO, Indalo LLC (FL)
Ingeniero con especializaciones en producción industrial y tratamiento de agua, ha cursado diversos cursos en las áreas de manejo de fluidos y tratamientos de agua potable. Jesús es consultor internacional, miembro fundador, secretario técnico y consultor de Aqua Andalucía, es creador del código deontológico de la asociación y de los manuales de operación para la instalación y mantenimiento de los equipos de tratamiento de agua en punto de uso. Fundador y CEO del Grupo Indalo. Redactor de la columna periodística de Agua y Salud, Coach e Influencer en los temas de depuración y optimización del agua y cuidado de la salud y el medio ambiente.

"Tecnología de Última Generación para Depuración y Optimización de Agua Potable"
Relación directa entre la calidad del agua y la salud. Sistemas de mejoras del agua potable, para brindarle un valor agregado en salud, tanto en prevención como en mejoramiento de la misma. Agua alcalina. Agua Hidrogenada. Oportunidad de Negocios Asociada.

Rodrigo Tomazi

Tomazi, Rodrigo – Ejecutivo Técnico Comercial, Saertex Multicom LP (NC)
Rodrigo Guevara Tomazi, de 37 años, es ingeniero de materiales y ejecutivo técnico comercial de Saertex Multicom en Sudamérica. Rodrigo trabaja en proyectos de soluciones tecnológicas para tuberías desde 2009, atendiendo diversos segmentos de mercado, incluyendo la técnica de UV CIPP para rehabilitación de tuberías, principalmente para alcantarillado, aguas pluviales y también potables.

“Rehabilitación de Redes de Agua Potable y de Alcantarillado, Usando la Técnica UV CIPP, con la Última Generación de Liners”
La presentación es sobre la técnica UV CIPP, rápida y no destructiva para rehabilitar tuberías, la cual es aplicada en sistemas de alcantarillado, drenaje, tuberías bajo presión, agua potable y también en tuberías industriales. La técnica consiste en insertar por la tubería existente un liner de tejido de fibras de vidrio, impregnado en resina sensible a luz UV, inflar el liner, curando internamente la resina con un equipo especial de luz UV. Como resultado, se obtiene sin abrir zanjas y en poco tiempo una tubería nueva con resistencia a largo plazo, presentando un espesor bien delgado y performance estructural.


Vergara, Alvaro - COO, Building Pro/The Outhouse Masters (FL)
lvaro Vergara, gran aficionado de la banda Canadiense "Rush" y el karaoke y le encanta viajar al lado de sus tres amores. Repartidor de periódicos, mercadeo y publicidad, manejo gerencial, con más de 25 años de experiencia gerencial, “Al”, como le dicen sus amigos, sabe de su tema. Con su constante compromiso de servir al prójimo lo cual lo inspira a proveer un producto que contribuya a su industria para hacer un mundo mejor.

Sesión: "Últimos Desarrollos en Soluciones Sanitarias Permanentes de Baños Modulares y Portátiles"
La industria modular muestra desarrollos novedosos en todas sus esferas incluyendo los sanitarios portátiles. Hay una tendencia clara de presentar soluciones PERMANENTES y no sólo temporales, adecuadas para las diferentes clases de industrias y negocios que las requieren, teniendo presente que entre los principales objetivos está proveer comodidad, cumplir las normas y todo dentro de los espacios limitados en que se aplican. Con baños que están adecuados para las personas con limitaciones físicas, que además no afecten el medio ambiente y todo a precios razonables. De ello trata esta sesión que presenta soluciones y oportunidades de negocios válidas para todas las Américas.

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