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Surrite, Ken - Founder/CEO, WATERisLIFE (OK) 

After founding an organization that supports orphanages in Asia, South America and Africa, and while working with the Turkana people group in Africa, Ken realized a true water need: Children were drinking water that came from contaminated wells, retention ponds and other unhealthy sources. He thought, "What can we give the kids to take to school with them so they have clean water?"

Inspired by his backpacking days, Ken began working with a water purification factory, the WATERisLIFE portable straw filters were born and in 2009 WATERisLIFE was created to bring clean water to children, their schools and villages in 40 countries worldwide.

Ken Surritte is the founder of WATERisLIFE, a nonprofit providing water, sanitation and hygiene solutions around the world. Mr. Surritte has a passion to motivate and inspire others to make a difference and have an impact in the lives of the world's most disadvantaged.

Ken recently spoke at the TEDx Conference in Kelowna Canada and now will present the opening Keynote at the 5th edition of The Water Expo in Miami.

"Combining the Power of ONE with Social Media to Overcome the World Water Crisis"
All change begins with one person. All revolutions began with one person. To solve the growing world’s water problem it will take all of us from all the different areas of water purification solutions working together to solve the problem. On the other hand our culture today is a living breathing organism… it is social media. How do we in the water industry harness that energy and direct it toward doing good for others? How do we make this tool work for creating awareness for our area of expertise?

Anand, Hardeep – Deputy Director, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department (FL)
Mr. Anand has over 20 years of professional civil and environmental engineering experience along with strategic planning, program management and leadership experience within the public and private sector. He currently serves as the Deputy Director for Miami Dade Water & Sewer Department and oversees the implementation of the $13.5 Billion Capital Improvement Program for the water and sewer utility to deliver innovative projects with the objective to position Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer Department as a Utility of the Future. Mr. Anand previously served as a Division Director with the Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management, Public Works Director with the City of Fort Lauderdale, and as an engineering consultant over a variety of utility, storm water, environmental, solid waste and information technology projects. His capital project management experience includes project planning, developing functional and technical requirements, project cost and schedule monitoring, performing continuous improvements through process redesign, organizational and management reviews and performing business continuity planning. His private sector experience has served him well as he draws upon these experiences to continually create and implement programs to realize efficiencies in government. Mr. Anand is a registered professional engineer in the State of Florida and holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering along with Masters degrees in Civil Engineering and Management of Information Systems.

Session: “Challenges on Implementing a Multi-Year Capital Improvement Program

Fricke, Mark – National Sales Director, Presby Environmental, Inc. (NH)
Mr. Fricke has 18+ years of experience in the Residential & Commercial Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal Industry. He specializes in strategic market analysis throughout North America and abroad. His responsibilities include management and expansion of Presby Environmental’s Distribution and Manufacture Representative network. Additionally, Mark educates engineers, designers, Department of Health Officials and installing contractors on the benefits of passive, combined treatment & dispersal technologies. He resides in Orlando, FL and graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Session: “The Evolution of a Passive Wastewater Treatment & Dispersal System”
– New NSF 40 certified passive onsite wastewater treatment technology called EnviroFin™ System. Treats wastewater passively to a NSF standard 40 quality in a small footprint. Passive wastewater treatment technology is a moving trend allowing residents, business owners, and communities to treat their wastewater and return it back into the ground without chemicals, energy, or mechanical components.

Gutierrez, Miguel – Product Manager, Blue Water Technologies (ID)
Miguel Gutierrez is a Chemical Engineer with more than 28 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. Mr. Gutierrez is a process expert and product manager with hands on experience in R&D, design, lab/pilot testing, commissioning, troubleshooting, and sales of hundreds of projects and in numerous applications. This included ultra-low phosphorus filtration projects in compliance with the New York City Watershed, Chesapeake Bay and others.  As product manager he has designed and launched various filtration and clarification products into the marketplace.  He has also served as the technical manager on the largest DBO desalination facility in Florida.

Session: “Continuous Rotating Belt Filtration (CRBF) for Wastewater Municipal/ Industrial Pre-Treatment Application”-
CRBF is an accepted solution that challenges the wastewater treatment of municipal/industrial applications. An effective equivalent to screening and primary clarification, CRBF technology results in a minimal footprint implementation at a fraction of the cost of traditional techniques. In new facilities, the RBF can be designed in place of traditional primary treatment and grit removal. In existing plants, it can expand primaries, relieve solids/BOD loading to secondaries, and relieve chemical consumption of physico-chemical processes. Engineers around the world have modeled this treatment process. Case history, design considerations, and lessons learned will highlight some of its benefits and O&M savings.

Hallett, Mark R. – CSO/Vice President, Saertex Multicom LP (NC) 
Hallett is the CSO/Vice President of Saertex Multicom. He has 35 years in the underground construction industry utilizing trenchless technologies such as, Cement Mortar lining, Pipe Bursting, CIPP, Fold and Form PVC, Directional Drilling & UV Cure GRP liners. Mark has sat on the Board of Directors for NASSCO and NASTT and is a past chairman of the IPBA, International Pipe Bursting Association.

Session: “UV Cure GRP CIPP, The Next Generation of Liners for Rehabilitation of Potable Water and Waste Water Systems.”-
UV cure liners using glass fiber reinforcement are 3-5 times stronger than conventional methods and half the thickness. This environmentally safe, high strength liner can be pre-inspected before curing and uses no hot water or steam to cure the liner. This technology is being used in gravity, pressure and potable water piping systems around the world.

Herring, Mark – Certified Risk Manager, Heffernan Insurance Brokers (OR) 
Mark Herring has been a commercial insurance broker for over 30 years, specializing in insurance and risk management services to liquid waste disposal business all across US for 25 years. Mark insures over 200 liquid waste disposal businesses. He has been with Heffernan Insurance Brokers for over 20 years. HIB being of the largest insurance brokers in the US provides all lines of insurance, risk management, and financial services and specializes in providing insurance on a group program basis. With 500 employees and 12 offices across the country, we can take care of all of your insurance needs.

Session: “What You Need to Know about Insurance for Your Water and Wastewater Business" –
Our world is changing and so should your approach to insurance. We need to worry more about our employees suing you for wage and hour issues, wrongful termination, sexual harassment. Cyber attacks on your information and computers can put you out of business. You need special coverage for this. The insurance marketplace is consolidating. You should hire an insurance professional the same way you hire an attorney or CPA, by their knowledge and expertise…not by the lowest price per hour. Having the right risk management and insurance products in place can SAVE you money…or it can cost you a lot.

Hughes, Tim – CEO, Total Lockout (Safety) LLC (FL)
A British entrepreneur and mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience in industrial safety equipment. Starting out as design engineer involved in the integration of key interlocks for critical process valves, and later moving into a technical sales and project management role. Hughes has worked in many locations around the world bringing high integrity safety products to all process industries. In 2010 I formed Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd which offers a niche range of process safety. products in particular, innovative portable power tools used to take the hard work out of operating valves.

Session: “How to Exercise Valves Safely and Efficiently in the Water Industry.” -
Portable valve actuators are widely use for exercising valves as part of a maintenance program. But hand-held power tools give out high levels of torque and without the proper training or awareness can lead operators to suffer strain or snag injury. This presentation gives more details of the risks, and demonstrates how to avoid them.

Jones, William – President, Lely Tank & Waste Solutions (NC)
Bill Jones has been in steel fabrication and manufacturing for over 40 years. He has a degree in accounting and an MBA. His vast experience in manufacturing, sales and company management have served him well in the liquid waste industry since he started Lely Tank and Waste Solutions in 2010 after acquiring Lely Waste Solutions in Texas and Lely Manufacturing in North Carolina.

Session: “Designing Your Next Pump Truck for Maximum Value and Life” -
The session will cover the information required to be able to design a pump truck for a variety of applications including septic pumping, portable restroom trucks, grease and grit. Information will include trucks, tanks, materials with advantages/disadvantages of each, vacuum pumps and systems, water pumps and jetters and a variety of optional accessories to produce the most value in a pump truck for the application.

Kindler, Jean-Louis (JL) – CEO, OriginClear (CA)
Jean-Louis (“JL”) Kindler was named President of OriginClear Technologies after having achieved funding of OriginClear’s China subsidiary. He continues to lead the commercialization of OriginClear’s breakthrough water treatment technology. Mr. Kindler is a veteran of 25 years as both a top executive and engineer in environmental technologies. Before OriginClear, JL was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of 
Ennesys, the company’s French joint venture, where he designed its patent-pending waste-to-energy system. Jean-Louis holds a Master’s in Economics and Public Policy from the Institute of Political Science in Lyon, France, and an MBA in International Management in Paris.

Session: “
Electrochemical and UF Treatment Recycle Oil & Gas Wastewater for Crop Irrigation” -
Despite recent rains, California is experiencing its most extreme drought in decades. Farmers in the state’s Central Valley—the leading agricultural region in the country– desperately need water, and are looking for new sources. Water technology leader, OriginClear, saw an opportunity to reclaim produced water from oil and gas operations for irrigation, safely and inexpensively. OriginClear worked with TriSep to combine its electrochemical technology with an iSep™ ultrafiltration (UF) membrane to achieve irrigation-safe water from produced wastewater from oil & gas operations in California’s Central Valley. Independent labs as well as students and faculty at CSU Bakersfield have performed rigorous tests on the quality of the produced water and recent tests showed a 99.8 percent reduction in turbidity (used to measure oil, grease and TSS contamination levels) and undetectable traces of all effluents. OriginClear continues to work with CSU Bakersfield to provide its licensees and joint venture partners with a proven way to safely reclaim used waters for farmers and other water-intensive industries across the U.S. and beyond.

Anthony Llau

Llau, Anthony - Ph.D, Epidemiologist, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County (FL)
Anthoni Llau, Ph.D is an epidemiologist at the Office of Epidemiology Disease Control and Immunization Services within the Florida Department of Health - Miami-Dade County. Dr. Llau earned a doctoral degree in Public Health specializing in Epidemiology at FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work. Dr. Llau is currently the injury data surveillance coordinator for Miami-Dade County. He also conducts epidemiologic investigations of reportable diseases and outbreaks occurring within the county. Dr. Llau’s publications include areas pertaining to syndromic surveillance of infectious diseases and motor vehicle collisions.

Session: "Zika Virus: Identifying an Emerging Threat Connected with Water" -
This presentation will focus on the basics of the Zika virus, covering what people need to know about how Zika spreads, how it affects human beings, and what can be done to prevent it. We will cover proper drain and cover techniques, which help to eliminate mosquito water habitats, and proper use of EPA-registered insect repellents. We will also share what community members can do if they suspect that they are infected with Zika, and what to do in the event of travel to a Zika-affected area.

Mazza, Luigi – Business & Finance Bachelor Degree, Avila Pumps & Service (FL)
Mr. Mazza has worked in the financial industry since 1997, his experience is in advising corporations and entities on how to navigate and establish presence in new markets. Mr. Mazza established a relationship with Avila Pumps in December of 2015 and has worked closely with the group building a strategy on how to enter the US Markets. In specific, his interest on how to promote the use of alternative energy and its use in common areas such as water management. His passion for alternative energy has allowed him to work closely with the group and with Pedrollo in developing a market for the use of water pumps with solar panels.

Session: “
New Development: Submersible Pumps Using Solar Energy” –
The Fluid Solar pumps have been developed to pump water from a well utilizing energy obtained from photovoltaic panels. The electronic control incorporated into the high performance motor converts the exit voltage from the panels and regulates the velocity of rotation of the motor in order to utilize the available energy most efficiently at any time: on a sunny day there will be a high velocity of rotation with a raised performance of the pumps, and on a cloudy day the velocity and the performance will be reduced.

Megonnell, Neal – Senior VP, Haycarb USA, Inc. (PA)
Neal Megonnell is the Senior Vice President of Haycarb USA, Inc.  He holds a BS in Chemistry and MS in Chemical Engineering.  He has been in the activated carbon industry for over 25 years, holding positions in R&D, Marketing, Technical Service, and Sales.  He holds two patents related to activated carbon.  Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the ASTM Activated Carbon Committee, Chairman of the ASTM Activated Carbon Vapor Phase Committee, Vice Chairman of the AIHA Respiratory Protection Committee, and voting member of the AWWA Activated Carbon Committee.

Session: “Selection of the Ideal Activated Carbon Based on Cost and Performance” -
Activated carbon has been used in water treatment for many years to remove organic compounds, taste and odor, as well as chlorine.  The selection of the appropriate activated carbon was assisted by the major activated carbon suppliers.  Unfortunately, this support is slowly fading, and with new compounds such as endocrine disrupters, chloramine, and perfluoro compounds appearing in water, the decision is becoming more difficult.  This presentation will aid the end user in selecting the appropriate carbon based on cost and performance.

Moore, Emily - Sr. Health Educator, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County (FL)
Emily Moore, MPH, is the Senior Health Educator for the Epidemiology, Disease Control & Immunization Services Program at DOH-Miami-Dade. She completed her studies in public health with a specialization in global health promotion & disease prevention at the University of Miami. Ms. Moore has experience in community health education, implementing disease prevention strategies, and designing health behavior interventions for international and multicultural populations.

Session: "Zika Virus: Identifying an Emerging Threat Connected with Water"
- This presentation will focus on the basics of the Zika virus, covering what people need to know about how Zika spreads, how it affects human beings, and what can be done to prevent it. We will cover proper drain and cover techniques, which help to eliminate mosquito water habitats, and proper use of EPA-registered insect repellents. We will also share what community members can do if they suspect that they are infected with Zika, and what to do in the event of travel to a Zika-affected area.

Nicholas, Nick –  Water Treatment Expert, Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. (FL)
Nick Nicholas is the Technical Sales Manager of Genesis Water Technologies, Inc, a leading US based manufacturer and wholesale supplier of innovative sustainable water and wastewater solutions serving global client base. Mr. Nicholas has many years expirience in the design and engineering of potable water, water reuse & wastewater treatmen system solutions. He has also been involved in consulting on innovative cost saving approaches for water reuse for both private sector and municipal clients and has a keen understanding of specialized water treatment media, electrocoagulation, UV, biological treatment and RO membrane system technology. Mr. Nicholas has been a featured guest on top environmental radio and TV shows, and his technical articles have been published in prestigious industry publications including Water & Waste Digest, Pollution News & Environmental Expert.

Session: "Innovative Water Reuse Solutions in Times of Water Scarcity - A Look into Specialized Electrocoagulation" –
This presentation will discuss a background about water resource management. It will further discuss the applications of specialized electrocoagulation for water reuse on both private sector and municipal water treatment sectors.

Powers, Nick – Regional Sales Manager, Swan Analytical USA (IL)
Nick Powers is a Regional Sales Manager for SWAN Analytical USA cover all Water Markets in Florida.  He received a Bachelors’ Degree in Marketing with a certificate in Logistics from the University of West Florida.  Prior to joining SWAN Analytical in 2013 he served the Water and Wastewater market for 10 years as Sales Manager for Waste Tec, Inc.

Session: “Chemistry of Chlorine and Chlorine Monitoring for Best Results”
- Chlorine has been used to disinfect water since the mid 1800’s which has greatly improved public health by reducing water borne diseases. Chlorine not only reacts with the biological organisms but also reacts naturally by causing  organic material and ammonia to form disinfection by-products. Chlorine chemistry is complex and must be understood to properly control. Manual sampling and determination of various chlorine compounds rarely gives the operator reliable control over the process as the reaction times vary for different species of chlorine. Automatic and continuous measurement eliminates human error and provides the operator with a means to automatically control the process.

Sabo, Pete – Business Development Manager, AK Industries/ Hydro-Action (IN)
Pete Sabo is the Business Development Manager for AK industries & Hydro-Action. He atended the Oberlin College, majoring in Environmental Studies. He was inspired to take this path because his father founded a company in 1981 that manufactures technologies for solving environmental problems in the wastewater industry. He’s been working for AK Industries and Hydro-Action since 2011 where he’s implemented practices such as energy efficient lighting, improved in-house recycling, and reducing the company’s waste-stream. He has recently been active with the Long Island Nitrogen Reduction Plan in New York and Maryland’s Bay Restoration Fund. He’s a member of the Board of Directors for the Indiana Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association (IOWPA) and a member of NOWRA. In the past he has worked for the local chamber of commerce as well as the Environmental Defense Fund in Washington DC.

Session: “Innovation in Onsite Water Treatment” –
Where’s the human development, there’s a demand for wastewater treatment. Many of the former methods for wastewater treatment were very expensive and required immense capital imvestments. Here AK Industries and Hydro-Action will present on innovative solutions for the onsite wastewater treatment industry that are more cost-effective, ecological, and innovative than older technology designs. Onsite wastewater treatment systems can be used for nitrogen reduction, gray water recycling, irrigation, and other uses that reduce total water demand.

Scott, Amanda – Municipal Product & Application Manager, GE Analytical Instruments (CO)
Amanda Scott is the Municipal Product and Applications Manager at GE Analytical Instruments. She holds a Bachelors of Engineering from Vanderbilt University in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Prior to GE, Amanda worked as a Footwear Product Developer with Crocs Footwear.  With GE, Amanda works to bring awareness about growth and ultimately support products that solve customer problems so they can achieve water treatment process optimization and regulation compliance through organic monitoring.

Session: “Nutrient Removal Optimization for Groundwater and Surface Water Remediation using Organics Monitoring” -
Concerns about nitrates in water require water plants to improve treatment methods. One such method, biological denitrification, uses bacteria in an anaerobic setting to feed off a carbon source, and in turn, reduce nitrates. Biological denitrification offers several advantages over alternative methods and can be optimized by efficient use of the carbon source. The goal is to provide just enough carbon to keep the bacteria alive without leaching excess carbon into the effluent water. Continuous online organics monitoring can eliminate the guesswork of dosing supplemental carbon and allow for immediate adjustment as opposed to sending samples to third party labs.

Shores, Tony – President, Irrigation Management Consulting (FL)
Tony Shores is the President of Irrigation Management Consulting (IMC), a firm he founded in 1993.  IMC specializes in water management, while providing additional services to property managers, owners, architects, municipalities, government agencies, and universities. Tony is committed to continuing education in the field of water, irrigation, and project management by earning the following credentials: Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for Rain Bird, and Central Control Service Provider (CCSP) for Rain Bird. 

Session: “Remote Irrigation Management”
– This presentation will share how to proactively address current irrigation deficiencies and provide forward-focused solutions for resource management.  The presentation and discussion topics include: 

1) Water cost overview.
2) Hidden costs associated with irrigation waste.
3) Human Element, efficiency in the field, saving our valuable resource, and time.
4) Site Assessment - An overview and benefits of a site assessment, information that can reduce overhead cost.

Short, Rachel – Technical Sales Executive, Baccara USA (AZ)
Rachel is a technical sales executive with over 12 years of experience in the pneumatics and electronics industries.  With a problem solving mind-set she strives to service specific applications by which her customers require support. Besides working, Rachel is an avid waterskier, mother to her 9 year old daughter and wife to her amazing husband!

Session: “Wireless Smart Controller for Irrigation” -
Baccara is introducing a valve controller and actuator programmable wirelessly by iOS/Android app. Each standalone unit can be mounted directly on a Baccara irrigation valve in size range of ½” to 2” which would provide an automatic irrigation control solution without any wiring. The unit includes an internal battery that lasts for three years in standard operating conditions. The controller has Bluetooth capabilities and communicates with any iOS/Android device to program and modify its watering plan, which can be either daily, weekly or time frame misting plan. The app can store several watering plans and communicate with multiple wireless controllers.

Smith III, Frank Knowles – Vice President, Blacoh Surge Control (CA)
Frank Knowles Smith III leads the Blacoh Surge Control team as the Executive Vice President. Smith is a well-respected trailblazer in fluid dynamics with 28 years of academic, design and application experience. The foremost expert on surge control, Smith’s specialties include pump station/pipeline design and computer modeling, transient monitoring systems, piping components, and electrical control panel design. His unique expertise and personalized engineering services are unparalleled in the industry.

Session: “Transient Pressure Monitoring Systems in Water & Wastewater Applications" -
Mr. Smith will speak on the need for transient pressure monitoring systems and proof-of-design for pipeline operators to detect and record transient pressure events occurring randomly in water, wastewater and petroleum pipelines. When a transient such as a pressure surge, pressure spike or water hammer event is detected, the system activates a high speed data recorder to record the event in detail.  With the monitoring system designers, engineers, manufactures and operators can assess pipeline performance during transient events to include pressure, flow, level, and pump speed.  Proof-of-design ensures the most comprehensive and efficient solutions are being provided for a system.

Tabacznik, Uri – Water Engineer, Aquasaving (FL)
Uri Tabacznik has worked in the sector of portable water in Israel for the last 30 years. He’s been responsible of reducing the none accountable water, in the north from 11% to a 7%, being national best during 10 years. Uri has operated three Municipality Water Companies in Colombia and Ecuador, reaching the national price of Best Company in Public Services during the years 2001, 2003 and 2004. He has done projects to increase the water coverage in the islands of St. Lucia, Nevis and Jamaica. He specializes in reducing water loss, with the control of pressure, flow, level in reservoirs, and Scada systems.

Session: “How to Reduce your Water Bill or Avoid Air in your Water Bill” -
The US made valve, will reduce the air, in the water flow, and allow only the water to be accounted by the water meter without reducing your normal flow.

Tejada, Julio – Water Quality Division Manager, MD Pump, Inc(FL)
Julio Tejada is the Water Quality Division Manager for MD Pump Inc and a frequent speaker at industry events. For the past twenty-four years, Julio has worked in sales and marketing of water filtration and water technology solutions. Three years ago he joined the team at MD Pumps Inc heading and developing the water quality division. His work ethic, professional expertise and passion are the driven force that has propelled the water quality division towards a position of true market leadership, profit, and success.

Session: “We All Deserve CLEAN Water: Techniques & Solutions at Hand”
– The presentation will focus on the water quality for consumers.

  1. The importance of testing the consumers’ water for bacteria, lead, and elements.

  2. Different products available for consumers to purify and improve their water quality:
      a) Reverse Osmosis
      b) Carbon Filters
      c) Alkaline Water
      d) DL Filters

  3. Coming full circle– filtration removes elements and minerals from your water, how to replenish the necessary minerals and vitamins in your drinking water.

Whalen, Kyle – Account Representative, Water Quality Association (IL)
Kyle has worked with the Water Quality Association since 2012
after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from Illinois State University.  He is currently acting as an Account Representative for the WQA specializing in the Drinking Water Treatment Unit certifications to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58, and 401.  WQA is proud to offer testing and certification to NSF/ANSI 401 starting in August of 2016.

Session: “Emerging Contaminants in Your Drinking Water”
- An insight to the development of NSF/ANSI 401 - Drinking Water Treatment Units - Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants.  Topics to include information regarding pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disruptors in your drinking  water, and reasons for including these contaminants.  Learn what types of products can reduce these contaminants and what it means to a consumer.

Wuliger, Jason – Vice President, SplashLink.com (OH)
Jason Wuliger is the Co- Founder and Vice President of SplashLink.com, a web-based, one-stop resource for water – industry stakeholders to find capital, projects and expertise. Jason’s water industry knowledge has been tapped by media outlets including WINT radio, and Cleveland’s local NBC affiliate. He has significant public sector experience, being a former county official in Lake County, Ohio, and as an attorney who has received recognition for his contributions to the legal community. Jason received his JD from the NYU School of Law, and his undergraduate education from Georgetown University.

"Streamlining and Improving Access to Business-Critical Projects and Funding Opportunities in the Water Industries"- Looking in the right places for solutions is essential, and finding adequate funding can be an even greater challenge. SplashLink.com is an online tool that serves companies that are concerned about missing bid and project opportunities within the water industry, and organizations that are frustrated by limited funding opportunities to pay for treatment, infrastructure or even new technology-related projects. As the only water-focused marketplace in the industry, SplashLink.com provides an affordable, one stop resource that helps industry buyers, sellers and innovators of water solutions to find one another as well as millions in funding, and thousands of project opportunities from across the industry.

Sesiones en Español

Aragón, Carlos Alberto – CEO, Great Parks (GA)
Con más de 25 años de experiencia, es experto en diseño y conceptualización del parques acuáticos de todo tipo, tematizaciones,  producción de olas, sistemas para ríos lentos y rápidos, toboganes de todo tipo y de varios materiales, piscinas innovadoras con los sistemas más avanzados del mundo a nivel de estructura, tanques de balance, succiones seguras, y descargas. Diseño y plasmación de grandes lagos y playas artificiales. Diseño y planificación de playas urbanas y de Splash Pads. Sistema de tratamiento de agua de purificación de grandes lagos o mantos acuíferos, utilizando sistemas biológicos, ionización y electrólisis. Ha organizado grandes eventos como ferias y shows de agua, con fuentes danzantes, en varias ciudades del mundo y ha participado en congresos y ferias, como asesor y consultor. Actualmente dirige una de las multinacionales más importantes en esta disciplina a escala mundial, GREAT PARKS, como CEO con sede principal en Atlanta, Georgia.

Sesión 1: “Utilización de Agua Reciclada en Parques Acuáticos”
– La tecnología de innovación está cambiando a cada momento, y  en esto GREAT PARKS es punta de lanza en el mundo. Anteriormente se utilizaba únicamente sistemas de filtrado tradicionales con filtros de arena o de cartucho o combinados, para la depuración de las aguas de las piscinas de los parques acuáticos. A partir de ahora, se está implementando nuevos sistemas para que las piscinas estén no solamente filtradas sino también el usuario pueda disfrutar de aguas sanas, libres de químicos que puedan dañar su piel, ojos y cabello. Preocupado por la salud y por la ecología, GREAT PARKS está utilizando el sistema de purificación de agua de tipo salino, con la utilización de electrólisis para producir un cambio químico en la sal, produciendo así un tipo de cloro no dañino para el bañista. Por otra parte, GREAT PARKS abordará brevemente los sistemas más seguros que existen en el planeta en cuanto a succiones para las piscinas que tienen gran movimiento de caudal, por la utilización  de toboganes,  de juegos interactivos o de olas. Se mostrarán los diagramas técnicos y se explicará el sistema, lo cual evita incluso los tanques de balance.

Sesión 2: “Sistemas de Lagunas Artificiales”  - GREAT PARKS es  la multinacional experta en el ramo de construcción de grandes mantos acuíferos. Para ello GREAT PARKS es fabricante de   “The Great Membrane”, es decir que la estructura es en base a una membrana estructural de gran resistencia, P.V.C., con cualidades de elasticidad e instalada con el sistema del termo fundido.  Los lagos o lagunas artificiales pueden ser utilizados para muy diversos propósitos.  El primero de ellos es con fines estéticos y de utilización en deportes acuáticos.  Las membranas  existen en diferentes tonalidades de celestes, azules y turquesas, así como en color amarillo claro con textura similar a la arena, con lo cual pueden lograrse incluso bellísimos degradés de tonalidades de azules y simular playas. Dentro de este ramo, la multinacional GREAT PARKS se destaca por la producción de olas, a partir de 1967 en que realizamos la primera piscina de olas del mundo, en Alabama. En este sentido, podemos crear una verdadera playa artificial, llevando un pedazo de mar a sitios donde no existe tal cosa. Las lagunas o Lagos pueden también tener un objetivo de crianza de peces, oxidación, tratamiento de aguas con muchos minerales, camaroneras, etc.

Araujo, Keila – Ingeniero de Aplicaciones, Ace Pump & Supply (FL)
Keila Araujo has been an Application Engineer, Inside Sale and Application Sale Engineer for Ace Pump and Supply for seven years. Her responsibilities include technical support for local market and export on irrigation, domestic, municipal and industrial water application. Additionally Keila has specialized training on AC Fire Pump and is a current member of the NFPA. Keila graduated from the University of Zulia (Venezuela) and holds a Mechanical Engineer (BSME) Title and a Master in Corporate Finance and Capital Management.

Sesión: "
Estaciones de Bombeo Inteligentes para Edificios Comerciales y Residenciales"

Hoy en día las distintas edificaciones, edificios comerciales y residenciales de todos los tamaños están implementando sistemas de Bombeo inteligentes. Gracias a estos Sistemas de Bombeo Inteligente se ahorra hasta un 50 % de energía y se logran estaciones de bombeo más compactas, eficientes y confiables en general. Las ventajas y algunas consideraciones generales para éstas Estaciones de Bombeo Inteligente será nuestro  tema a desarrollar en nuestra presentación.

Augusto, Paulo – Profesor Titular, Univ. De Salamanca (España)
Paulo Augusto es Profesor Titular (Associate Professor) en el Departamento de Ingeniería Química de la Universidad de Salamanca. Estuvo de  Profesor Asistente y ha tenido otras posiciones Académicas y de Investigación en la Universidade do Porto (Portugal), University of Manchester (UK) entre otras. Se ha graduado y tiene un Doctorado en Ingeniería Química, desde 2001. Ha dirigido y participado en diversos proyectos nacionales e internacionales, que han involucrado un total de más de 15 millones de euros, ha publicado en más de 40 capítulos de libros y artículos, y tiene 7 patentes en su nombre. Le ha sido otorgado un Premio Internacional de Protección Medio-Ambiental por la Comisión Europea, por su trabajo en Clasificación Magnética y Medio-Ambiente.

Sesión: “
Separación Magnética en el Tratamiento y Filtración de Aguas: Una Revisión” - La separación magnética es una técnica que sus aplicaciones se están expandiendo en la actualidad, principalmente debido a su alianza con técnicas de etiquetaje y de transportadores magnéticos. En esta presentación iremos revisando los principios de ambas tecnologías. El tratamiento y filtración de aguas con el magnetismo es un tema especial que presenta un gran potencial en el futuro, comprobado por las aplicaciones actuales que han sido muy exitosas. Se discutirán todas estas aplicaciones, así como el potencial en el futuro.

Castelo-Grande, Teresa – Profesora Auxiliar, Univ. De Salamanca (España)
Teresa Castelo-Grande es Profesora Auxiliar (Assistant Professor) en la Universidade Lusofona do Porto (Portugal), y también en el Departamento de Ingeniería Química de la Universidad de Salamanca. También es una Acompañante de Investigación en la Universidade do Porto (Portugal).Se ha graduado y tiene el Doctorado en Ingeniería Química desde 2013. Ha sido directora en Empresas de Tintas y Bernices, y también ha trabajado de Consultora de Medio Ambiente y Agua para grandes empresas en Portugal. Ha participado en diversos proyectos nacionales e internacionales, ha publicado docenas de capítulos para libros y artículos, y tiene varias patentes a su nombre.

Sesión: “
Evitando la Contaminación de Aguas y el Medio Ambiente: Técnicas de Tratamiento de Lixiviados” -
Lixiviados resultantes de efluentes en los vertederos, pero también de aguas de lixiviación, han sido una problemática medioambiental desde hace ya varias décadas. Los parámetros de contaminación y problemática de este tipo de efluentes serán tratados en esta presentación. También se describen las principales técnicas de tratamiento y remediación aplicadas en la actualidad. Se presentará de igual modo un estudio de un caso particular en relación con nuestra investigación actual, con éxito en el tratamiento de lixiviados mediante separación magnética.

Lara, Carlos – Presidente (Sucursal), AK Industries/ Eco-Intellutions (Mexico)
Carlos Lara es el CEO de Eco-Instellutions, distribuidor exclusivo para México y otros mercados regionales. Carlos obtuvo su Maestría en Administración en la Universidad de Miami, y ha estado involucrado en proyectos de sostenibilidad por más de 30 años. Tiene una particular pasión por crear conciencia a través del desarrollo y producción de proyectos utilizando tecnologías innovadoras para solucionar los problemas ambientales en la industria de las aguas residuales. Carlos fundó Eco-Intellutions en el año 2002 donde ha participado en más de 500 proyectos de tratamiento de agua.

Sesión: “Innovaciones en Sitio en el Tratamiento de Agua Residual”-
Donde hay desarrollo humano existe la demanda por el tratamiento del agua residual. Muchos de los métodos anteriores de tratamientos eran muy caros y requerían inversiones inmensas de capital. AK Industries e Hydro-Action presentan soluciones menos costosas, ecológicas e innovadoras. Estos sistemas se pueden utilizar para la reducción de nitrógeno, reciclado de aguas grises, e irrigación.

Llau, Anthony - PhD - Epidemiólogo, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County (FL)
Anthoni Llau, Ph.D es un epidemiólogo en la Oficina de Epidemiologia, Control de Enfermedades y Servicios de Inmunizaciones del Departamento de Salud de Florida - Miami-Dade. El Dr. Llau obtuvo un doctorado en Salud Pública especializada en Epidemiología del Robert Stempel Colegio de Salud Pública y Asistencia Social de la FIU. El Dr. Llau es actualmente el coordinador de vigilancia de datos sobre lesiones en el condado de Miami-Dade. Él también lleva a cabo investigaciones epidemiológicas de enfermedades reportables, y los brotes que ocurren dentro del condado. Las publicaciones del Dr. Llau incluyen áreas relacionadas con la vigilancia sindrómica de las enfermedades infecciosas y los accidentes de tráfico.

ón: "El Virus Zika: Identificando una Amenaza Emergente Conectada con el Agua" -
Esta presentación se enfoca en los aspectos básicos del virus Zika, y cubre lo que la gente necesita saber acerca de cómo se propaga Zika, cómo afecta a los seres humanos, y qué se puede hacer para prevenirlo. Vamos a cubrir las técnicas efectivas de "drene y cubre", que ayudan a eliminar los hábitats de agua, y el uso de los repelentes de insectos registrados por la EPA. También vamos a compartir lo que los miembros de la comunidad pueden hacer si sospechan que están infectados con Zika, y qué hacer en caso de viajar a un área afectada por el Zika.

Monte, Angel – Ingeniero & Presidente, Avila Pumps & Service (FL)
Ingeniero con mas de 10 años de experiencia en ventas, importación, mantenimiento, reparación e instalacion de equipos de presión, fabricación de tasteros de control, pozos profundos, sistemas de riego y equipos de drenaje de aguas residuals Avila Pumps & Service en USA. Representate commercial del Grupo Pedrollo en Latinoamérica, USA y Canada, con las marcas Pedrollo y Citypumps. Desde Febrero de 2016 comenzamos operaciones en Florida con el objetivo de incorporarnos a este mercado y aportar soluciones a los problemas relacionados con el agua.

n: “Electrobombas Sumergibles para Drenaje” – La serie RX es adecuada para el drenaje de aguas claras sin partículas abrasivas. Las soluciones constructivas empleadas garantizan el fácil uso y la seguridad de funcionamiento gracias a la refrigeración total del motor y al doble sello en el eje.  Son aconsejables para instalaciones fijas, y en situaciones de emergencia para el vaciado de pequeños locales inundados (cantinas, garajes, etc.), vaciado de aguas residuas provenientes de lavadillas y lavadoras, y para el vaciado de pozos de recogida.

Moore, Emily - Principal Educadora de Salud, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County (FL)
Emily Moore, MPH, es la principal Educadora de Salud para la Oficina de Epidemiología, Control de Enfermedades y Servicios de Inmunizaciones en DOH-Miami-Dade. Completó sus estudios en Salud Pública en la Universidad de Miami con una especialización en promoción de la salud mundial y la prevención de enfermedades. Sra. Moore tiene experiencia en la educación de la salud para comunidades, la aplicación de estrategias de prevención de enfermedades, y el diseño de las intervenciones conductuales de salud para las poblaciones internacionales y multiculturales.

ón: "El Virus Zika: Identificando una Amenaza Emergente Conectada con el Agua" -
Esta presentación se enfoca en los aspectos básicos del virus Zika, y cubre lo que la gente necesita saber acerca de cómo se propaga Zika, cómo afecta a los seres humanos, y qué se puede hacer para prevenirlo. Vamos a cubrir las técnicas efectivas de "drene y cubre", que ayudan a eliminar los hábitats de agua, y el uso de los repelentes de insectos registrados por la EPA. También vamos a compartir lo que los miembros de la comunidad pueden hacer si sospechan que están infectados con Zika, y qué hacer en caso de viajar a un área afectada por el Zika..

Sande, Rubén – Director Comercial -Uruguay & Brasil, Southland Water Systems (Uruguay)
Rubén Sande cursó sus estudios primarios, secundarios y terciarios en Montevideo Uruguay. Tiene gran experiencia en bienes y raíces. Fue Director Comercial en Terrafín Uruguay, una empresa de bienes y raíces y también en Herminia Investimentos Brasil, una empresa de bienes y raíces e inversiones. Rubén es Director Comercial de Southland Waters en Uruguay y Brasil.

Sesión: “Desinfección de Agua para Consumo Humano y Animal Vía Electrolisis” - Una revisión del sistema de desinfección de agua para consumo humano y animal, producción de desinfectante para industria agro alimentaria, hospitales, aeropuertos, hoteles, espacios públicos y el sistema de filtrado por membrana para agua potable, aguas negras domésticas e industriales.

Solis, Jesus – Ingeniero & CEO, Indalo LLC (FL)
Ingeniero con especializaciones en producción industrial y tratamiento de agua, ha cursado diversos cursos en las áreas de manejo de fluidos y tratamientos de agua potable. Jesús es consultor internacional, miembro fundador, secretario técnico y consultor de Aqua Andalucía, es creador del código deontológico de la asociación y de los manuales de operación para la instalación y mantenimiento de los equipos de tratamiento de agua en punto de uso. Fundador y CEO del Grupo Indalo. Redactor de la columna periodística de Agua y Salud, Coach e Influencer en los temas de depuración y optimización del agua y cuidado de la salud y el medio ambiente.

Sesión: “Última Tecnología Y Oportunidad de Negocios para la Depuración y Optimización del Agua -
Presentación del Indalo ROB, el quipo de última generación para la depuración y optimización del agua.
● Pre Filtración, Osmosis Inversa, Re Mineralización, Alcalinización, Desinfección UV, mantenimiento fácil sin herramientas y micro procesador.

Valor agregado de ir más allá de la Osmosis Inversa.
El concepto “saludable”, el agua alcalina, el valor de la marca.
Oportunidades de negocios para USA y Latinoamérica.

Preguntas y Respuestas

Tejada, Julio – Gerente de la División de Calidad de Agua, MD Pump, Inc (FL)
Julio Tejada es el Gerente de la División de Calidad de Agua en MD Pump, Inc y un conferencista frecuente en eventos de la industria. En los últimos veinticuatro años, Julio ha trabajado en ventas y comercialización de soluciones de tecnología de filtración de agua. Hace tres años se unió al equipo de MD Pump, Inc  dirigiendo y desarrollando la división de calidad de agua. Su ética de trabajo, su experiencia profesional y  pasión es la fuerza que ha impulsado la división de calidad de agua hacia una posición de liderazgo verdadero en el mercado, en ganancias y éxitos.

Sesión: “Nosotros Merecemos agua LIMPIA: Técnicas y Soluciones Disponibles”
– La presentación se centrará en la calidad del agua para los consumidores.

        1- La importancia de probar el agua de los consumidores para las bacterias, el plomo y elementos.
        2- Diferentes productos disponibles a los consumidores para purificar y mejorar la calidad del agua.
Osmosis Inversa
Filtros de Carbón
            c) Agua Alcalina
DL Filtros
La filtración elimina elementos y minerales de su agua. Cómo reponer los minerales y vitaminas necesarios
            en su agua potable.

Tomazi, Rodrigo – Ejecutivo de Ventas Técnicas, Saertex Multicom LP (NC))
Rodrigo Guevara Tomazi, 36 años, graduado en Ingeniería de Materiales, es el Ejecutivo de Ventas Técnicas de Saertex MultiCom en América del Sur. Él trabaja con proyectos de soluciones de tuberías desde 2009, atendiendo varios mercados, incluyendo rehabilitación de tuberías por CIPP con mangas de PRFV curados con luz UV, principalmente para redes de alcantarillado, de agua pluvial y de agua potable.

Sesión: “CIPP por PRFV Curado con UV, la Próxima Generación de Liners para Rehabilitación de Redes de Agua Potable y de Alcantarillado.” -
El curado con luz UV para liners utilizando fibras de vidrios reenforzadas son 3-5 veces más fuerte y la mitad del espesor que los métodos convencionales. Este liner de alta resistencia y ambientalmente seguro puede ser pre-inspeccionado antes de curarlo y no se necesita agua caliente o vapor para curarse. Esta tecnología se está utilizando en sistemas de gravedad, presión y tuberías de agua potable de todo el mundo.

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